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  1. CP327-3L: Fundamentals of AutoLISP®
  2. CP322-1: Migrating AutoCAD® Apps to the Fiberless Environment
  3. CP212-3V: Conceitos Básicos de AutoCAD® .NET
  4. CP416-1: Managing CAD Standards from a Database
  5. CP427-2: Implementing Custom Microsoft® SharePoint® Integration for AutoCAD® Products
  6. CP433-4: Managing CAD Standards with VB.NET
  7. CP326-2C: Porting Your SolidWorks® API Code to Autodesk® Inventor®
  8. CP319-1: Analyze Geometry of Buildings Using the Autodesk® Revit® API
  9. CP427-1: Service-Oriented AutoCAD® with WCF
  10. CP220-5V: Visual LISP: Una Alternativa Rápida de Programación para el NO Programador
  11. CP231-3: Bridging the Gap, Extending AutoLISP® with VB.NET
  12. CP234-2: Exactly What You Want and Faster: Autodesk® Revit® 2011 Programming Optimization
  13. CP433-1: Storing Complex Custom Per-Document and Per-Instance Data with Revit® API
  14. CP322-3: Getting Started with AutoCAD® Civil 3D® .NET Pipe Network API
  15. CP234-1: Autodesk® MapGuide® as a Services Platform: Integrating with Other Applications
  16. CP333-1: Leveraging the Tail End of the BIM Life Cycle with APIs
  17. CP322-2: Integrate F# into Your C# or VB.NET Application for an 8x Performance Boost
  18. CP226-2V: Sistema Integrado de Monitoramento através de GPS para a gestão de transporte público
  19. CP236-1C: Re-using Design and Model Data from a ShipConstructor Project
  20. CP430-2: Nothing But .NET: Taking Advantage of the AutoCAD® Civil 3D® .NET API
  21. CP223-1: Trick Up Your Tool Palettes: How to Make Your Tool Palettes Do Even More!
  22. CP327-1: Applied Dynamics: Using Dynamic Model Update in the Autodesk® Revit® API
  23. CP336-1L: From Open Paren to Closed Paren: Basics of AutoLISP® in 60 Minutes
  24. CP422-2: Autodesk® Ecotect® to Microsoft® Excel® to Revit®: A Computational Approach to Sustainable Design
  25. CP327-5U: Autodesk® Inventor® and the API: Applied
  26. CP318-1C: Introduction to AutoCAD® Civil 3D® .NET API
  27. CP316-3U: All Systems Go in Autodesk® Revit® MEP Programming
  28. CP330-1: AutoCAD® VBA to Microsoft® .NET Migration: The Easy Way Using COM Interop
  29. CP316-1: Presenting Your Analysis Data in Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2011
  30. CP224-1C: Autodesk® MapGuide® Enterprise as a Geomarketing Tool
  31. CP228-2: Optimal Use of New Autodesk® Revit® 2011 Programming Features
  32. CP316-5: Creating Parametric and Geometric Constraints Using the AutoCAD® .NET API
  33. CP419-1: AutoLISP®: Kicking It Up a Notch
  34. CP433-2: Application Development from AutoLISP® to VBA/COM to .NET
  35. CP322-1C: Autodesk® MapGuide® Enterprise: Graduating from 2D GIS to 3D Virtual Reality
  36. CP419-3: iLogic™: Outside the Box – External Rules Management
  37. CP430-3: Building Advanced Microsoft® .NET User Interfaces for Use in Autodesk® Products
  38. CP433-3: Opening the Lines of Communication Between Revit® and Third-Party Applications
  39. CP220-2: Introduction to the Revit® API
  40. CP333-2: Introduction to the Autodesk® Inventor® API with a Focus on Drawing (IDW) Files
  41. CP228-1: Autodesk® MapGuide® MapAgent: The Secret Renderer
  42. CP330-4L: From Open Paren to Closed Paren: Basics of AutoLISP® in 60 Minutes - Repeat
  43. CP220-1L: Interoperability of an AutoCAD® Civil 3D® .NET Application and Associative Surfaces COM API
  44. CP422-1: AutoCAD® .NET: Automating Annotation
  45. CP231-2: Putting the "I" in BIM: Parameters in the Autodesk® Revit® API
  46. CP316-2: Keyboard Macros Revealed!
  47. CP322-1U: Porting Your Applications to the Apple® Mac®
  48. CP427-3: Porting your Applications to the Apple® Mac®
  49. CP433-5U: Porting Your Applications to the Apple® Mac® - Repeat
  50. CP327-4: Zero to 3D: A Real World Demo
  51. CP220-3C: Advanced Deepclone API in AutoCAD®
  52. CP220-4: Understanding Solid Models and the API in Autodesk® Inventor®
  53. CP419-2: Making a Mesh in AutoCAD® .NET API
  54. CP322-1V: Look and Feel: Best Practices for Revit® Add-in User Interface Design
  55. CP336-2V: Making Progress with the .NET API
  56. CP330-2: Build Powerful Workflows Using the AutoCAD® Map 3D 2011 Workflow Framework API
  57. CP212-1V: Getting to Know the AutoCAD® Plug-ins of the Month
  58. CP240-2V: AutoCAD® .NET: Practical Examples of Customizing AutoCAD Entity Behavior
  59. CP228-3U: .NET Interoperability for AutoCAD® Programming
  60. CP333-3: Developing a Cocoa-Based UI for AutoCAD® Mac
  61. CP430-1: Diary of a Wimpy BIM Manager: Tales of In-House Revit® API Development for Architects
  62. CP214-1V: .NET Languages: Which One Do I Choose?
  63. CP228-4: .NET Development Meets Microsoft® Office Products
  64. CP327-6L: Hands-On: Migrating VBA Projects to VB.NET
  65. CP231-1: Using RealDWG™ in the Cloud