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  1. DT134-3U: Saving Money with CAD Management
  2. DT128-3U: BIM and Business Development
  3. DT128-2: Decision Making via Data Collection
  4. DT134-2: I Work in the Cloud with My Feet on Solid Ground
  5. DT128-4U: The Social Science of Software Implementation
  6. DT131-2: BIM 2.0: Transitioning an Office to Mainstream BIM
  7. DT134-1: BIM Infrastructure Best Practices
  8. DT131-4U: Integrated Project Delivery: Is It Happening? How Is It Happening?
  9. DT128-1: BIM: One Size Does Not Fit All
  10. DT131-3U: What Do We Need from Resellers?