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  1. FM433-1: From Blue Line to Bottom Line with FM:Systems
  2. FM427-1: Don't Get Floored in Your Facility
  3. FM319-1: BIM This, BIM That: It's All CAFM to Me
  4. FM220-1C: Computer-Aided Facilities Management for SAP®
  5. FM222-1C: Chargeback Reports: From CAD Drawing to Database Report
  6. FM419-1: Building BIM Models for Facility Operations
  7. FM230-1C: How to Capture Room Polygons for Facility Management
  8. FM228-1L: Revit®-alize Your Facilities Planning with Autodesk® Revit Architecture
  9. FM228-2C: Tips and Tricks for Selecting and Implementing a Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM) Solution
  10. FM327-1: BIM to FM: As Built or as Designed, What's in Your Inbox?
  11. FM234-1: BIM in the Cloud and Other Technology Trends
  12. FM234-2C: The Sensible Guide to Knowing Everything about Your Properties
  13. FM314-1C: Modeling for Architects, Information for Owners, and Technology That Makes It Easy
  14. FM328-1C: Gone Green: Now How Do I Avoid Going Brown?
  15. FM332-1C: Facilities Data: Whose Responsibility Is It?