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  1. The text in the Mtext editor is faint and very hard to read.
  2. Dialog box does not display when using commands like - Open / SaveAs
  3. Layer Manager & Layer drop down are slow to open.
  4. The drawing file size is large, but there is hardly anything in it.
  5. Object(s) outline is not displayed while using commands like Copy, Move, Rotate etc.
  6. Floating Viewport (Paperspace / Layout) automatically Zoom Extents when made active
  7. OLE (eg Excel) Objects within drawing file not Plotting correctly
  8. Unable to select OLE (eg Excel) Objects within drawing file
  9. Working with OLE (eg Excel) Objects within a drawing file
  10. Mouse middle button (wheel) playing you up
  11. Mouse right click button playing you up
  12. Hatch patterns playing you up
  13. Plot Style Tables (CTB or STB) gone south
  14. Export / Print the contents of a Plot Style Table (CTB or STB)
  15. Have you lost your command line
  16. All entities in the layout (and entities showing in a viewport) show up black & white
  17. Problems with selecting objects eg. Only able to select 1 object at a time.
  18. Drawing slows down, especially while selecting objects.
  19. Blocks, Images or Xrefs not inserting correctly?
  20. Don't like the In-Place Text Editor
  21. Where is Batch Plot in AutoCAD 2004 or higher?
  22. Help reassigning that pesky F1 key
  23. Resolving common issues / problems relating to Express Tools