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  1. AutoCAD 2005 MNU and MNS into 2006
  2. AutoCAD 2006 and menu files
  3. Enterprise CUI's - What's the advantage
  4. switching menu order
  5. AutoCAD 2006 - How to redefine the Function Keys?
  6. Custom menus - 2002 to 2006
  7. Acad2006 - CUI's locked out
  8. AutoCAD Map 3D 2006 - Adding custom buttons to the CUI
  9. Programing AUX1 and AUX2
  11. Notes on the philosophy of CUI
  12. Mouse Buttons in 2006
  13. Disable F1 Help
  14. How can I add a menu with the CUI interface
  15. So you want to add the Snap menu to F11?
  16. CUI and workspace videos from Autodesk
  17. Wheel Mouse button not Pan Realtime
  18. AutoCAD 2006 menu issue
  19. CUI File Not Found
  20. Programing Mouse Buttons
  21. where can i get path of custom cui?
  22. How do you get AutoCAD 2006 to retain a toolbar location?
  23. Menu shortcomings - Robert B, where are you?
  24. What I learned today...
  25. Menus disappeared
  26. Menuloading and runtime errors
  27. Custom menu ACAD2006
  28. Placing Enterprise .CUI pulldown Menu
  29. CUI Main/Enterprise Modifications
  30. Migrating Shift-Right Click Menus
  31. buttons on digitzers
  32. Enterprise CUI questions
  33. Couldn't Import Customization. Why ?
  34. Lisp not loading with CUI
  35. Quick Dimension command in CUI
  36. Plain English guide to setting up CUI
  37. Not SMILEY faces Question Marks
  38. Pull down menu location (CUI)
  39. Image tile menus becoming obsolete?
  40. CUI Dialog Box
  41. CUI Implementation: Good Or Bad? The Poll.
  42. CUI add menu item to partial menu
  43. Autodesk CUI Bug Fixes
  44. Menus exist in CUI and workspace, but refuse to display.
  45. LDT 2006 CUI update download problems
  46. Using the one Custom.cui file across different products?
  47. 5-button Mouse in 2006
  48. Mouse Right Click
  49. migrating menu issue
  50. Osnap cursor menu not quite working.
  51. Display toolbars in my workspace
  52. Reset a toolbar
  53. NumKey Keyboard Customization
  54. Why using the enterprise CUI ...
  55. Using Partial Menus in CUI - Easier or Harder?
  56. Menu pull-down display
  57. CUI and Mouse Buttons
  58. Toolbar Image problem with Network Enterprise CUI
  59. snap menu disappears
  60. Need help with mouse buttons in AutoCAD 2006
  61. Pulldowns in my menu no show
  62. Pulldowns and buttons etc.
  63. How do I make my Main cui "active"?
  64. error message on cui interface
  65. Pulldown question
  66. Modifying the OSNAP Menu
  67. Exporting Workspaces
  68. ALT Key
  69. "Possibly" some fixes to CUI issues / problems on the way.
  70. Enterprise vs Individual
  71. Save vs Apply
  72. Toolbar Image oddity
  73. Middle Button acting all weird on me
  74. Nearest Snap Problem
  75. Tool Bars
  76. CUI specific Wish List Please?
  77. Problem with transferring a workspace
  78. Configuring tablet menus
  79. CUI's and command functionality?
  80. Shortcut Keys for Number Pad
  81. Add new Shortcut Menu
  82. Shortcut Menu Transparency
  83. ALT+Click
  84. Converting MNS file to CUI file
  85. Using available icons ( error dialog )
  86. Tablet buttons
  87. Reloading pull down menus
  88. Image files in my pulldowm menus
  89. Hiding toolbars
  90. 2004 menus into 2006 cui
  91. Custom CUI and custom toolbar icons
  92. CUI issues with "use own icon" set to NO
  93. Control position of Pull-down menus
  94. Moving toolbar buttons from one toolbar to another
  95. Standard Working Environment
  96. Keyboard Shortcuts vs. Dynamic Input
  97. What is the best way to create a Partial CUI
  98. Create commands to Lock / Unlock viewports
  99. Position Pull Down Menus - Partial CUI
  100. Cannot switch to another workspace
  101. Autodesk University and CUI
  102. CUI editing
  103. acad.mnu vs adt.mnu
  104. CUI question for AU
  105. Moving toolbars in ACAD Map 2006
  106. Enterprise CUI Setup
  107. new command in correct cui file?
  108. Destroy F1 - in AutoCAD 2006 CUI
  109. CUI Strategy
  110. User interface switches to command line
  111. More Mouse button Customization
  112. Any tutorial for new CUI?
  113. digitizer buttons not working
  114. Keyboard Shortcuts - OSNAP commands with the "F" keys
  115. Editing cui, lost all acad
  116. Is there any helpful documentation on the CUI?
  117. Problems with Workspaces - Toolbars do not open in correct location
  118. 2006 rollout and CUI
  119. Calling an Image Tile Menu from Pull-Down Menu
  120. Quick Grouping / UnGrouping in AutoCAD 2006
  121. Custom Toolbar icons show as ? marks
  122. Workspaces crash problems
  123. Installed AutoCAD 2006, missing pulldown meun's
  124. No Dynamic Anything
  125. Using CUIs and profiles
  126. Shift + Right click does not bring up OSnap menu
  127. Adding comments to CUI components
  128. Unable to load custom pulldown menu
  129. Customized toolbars disappear
  130. Images in Pull Down Menus
  131. How to get custom shortcuts to override or work with the standard AutoCAD menus
  132. Transferring Toolbars from AutoCAD 2005 to 2006
  133. Changing Workspace changes - system variable?
  134. Question about partial loading AutoDesk menus in an Office.CUI
  135. Workspaces and displaying different menus
  136. Import old MNU files into new CUI
  137. Zooming using the Shift key and key combination
  138. Image Tile Menus do not display
  139. Basic commands missing from my CUI - Conflict or User Error?
  140. menu items won't load, toolbars will
  141. Inserting blocks from within other drawings
  142. Context (mouse) menus
  143. CUI file has become invalid. What is the next step?
  144. TAB button to act as Enter
  145. Problem in Toolbar Macro Modified via VBA
  146. Change OSnap key-ins
  147. Can't create workspaces when using Enterprise CUI?
  148. Restore Screen Menu
  149. Create own Shortcut Keys
  150. Network CUI/Profile
  151. Transfering a Workspace transfers commands
  152. Step by step guide - create two set-ups
  153. I can't customize my keyboard
  154. ACAD 2002 Menu to ACAD 2006
  155. Tutorials / Help on working with the CUI
  156. Adding / Moving Pull Down Menus
  157. Tutorials / Help on working with the CUI
  158. Clouds with question marks in my Toolbar instead of icons
  159. CUI location(s)
  160. Menus not appearing in AutoCAD Workspace
  161. CUI = bad command, when logged in as net user
  162. 2006 CUI and Mouse Button Menu
  163. Populating the mouse buttons node
  164. CUI XTransfer of Slide Libraries (SLB)
  165. AutoCAD 2007 CUI - Edit any of my toolbars causes Unhandled exception
  166. Where does autocad store the location of CUIs to load?
  167. Unknown MenuMacroID: MMU_1686 in MacroRef
  168. Setting up Accelerator keys in CUI
  169. Can someone please verify default F12 (Dynamic Input Toggle) macro
  170. Unknown MenuMacroID:
  171. What's with the DBCONNECT partial CUI that keeps loading?
  172. Add Shift+Click to Mouse Button
  173. Menu fails to display from macro
  174. Dragging new commands into menu's
  175. CUI - I wonder why these things happen
  176. CUI keyboard shortcut vs. PGP file
  177. AutoCAD 2007 - CUI does not load
  178. Missing Toolbar Images - show as "?" marks
  179. Create, set-up CUI's - Workspaces - Profiles, how best to implement
  180. Pull-down menus - mixing AutoCAD and Desktop
  181. Dynamic Label Button with Preset Label style
  182. Convert AutoCAD 2002 Image Tile menu to 2006
  183. AutoCAD 2006 - Set custom profile current, disables access to ACAD Help file
  184. Setting up Network CUI files in '06
  185. Noted Commands Not Listed in Pane in CUI Dialog
  186. Load a custom menu into a custom CUI
  187. Tablet Configuration in AutoCAD 2007
  188. Right click short-cut menu missing default commands and options
  189. CUI - How do I assign pop menus to the click-shift and control-shift mouse button
  190. CUI Speed 2006 v 2007 - your experiences?
  191. Enterprise Customization files, where to begin
  192. How do you compare workspaces?
  193. Place custom toolbar into Land.cui
  194. Accelerator Keys in AutoCAD 2007 for Snap Points
  195. MDT 2006 - Create shortcut key's
  196. Workspace does not correctly restore menus and toolbars
  197. AutoCAD 2006 default toolbar icons location
  198. Message when opening DWG files - Enter name of custimization to load
  199. Custom Toolbars do not display in AutoCAD 2007
  200. Contradictory Settings Between CUI Dialog & Dockable Windows Appearance
  201. Find Mcolor.cui file and copy it to a network share
  202. ADT 2007 - Right click menu missing when nothing is selected
  203. Can a Workspace be assigned to a DWG?
  204. AutoCAD 2006 - Add a few buttons to the Standard toolbar
  205. Custom menus & lisp not always loading
  206. Change the width of a Control Element through CUI
  207. Can't find path to custom icons
  208. Creating a Custom CUI & Tool Palette advice
  209. AutoCAD 2007 - Keeping Toolbars in the correct position
  210. AutoCAD 2007 - Remove "Hide Layout and Model tabs" from right click menu
  211. Remap mouse right-click button to Snaps
  212. Centralizing menus, where to begin?
  213. Program a button on my digitizer as the escape key?
  214. Add a recent input to one of my shortcut menus?
  215. Workspace does not load correctly at startup
  216. Save partial customization file to "c05" folder
  217. Bring back my missing toolbars eg Dimension, Layer
  218. Difficulties with Workspaces
  219. CUI problems when opening a second drawing file
  220. Load missing Dimension Toolbar from the GUI after an installation of AutoCAD 2006
  221. Custom Icons lost with change to .cui & a Profile aside
  222. Looking for a CUI 101 to help me get started
  223. Modifying Snaps in the CUI
  224. Menu item on when it isn't "on"...
  225. CUI read only? Can't be modified!
  226. C3D "LockUI" Settings and transfer commands from Tool Palette to toolbar
  227. Adding a Layer Current macro to a CUI
  228. Toolbar button commands changing
  229. Icon disappear from toolbar
  230. How to quickly update everyone's .cui files?
  231. My new custom menu turns off my partial cui's when loaded
  232. How to copy a tool-button from one toolbar to another
  233. ALT+F11, ALT+F8 - Need more ALT+'s...
  234. Adding custom Pop Menu via code to the menu bar.
  235. MBUTTONPAN and POP0 on my mouse without having to hit the SHIFT key
  236. ADT 2006 - Current Workspace not remembered when ADT closed then re-opened
  237. Can't place a check mark by new menus in the Enterprise Workspace
  238. LDT 2006 - Change a menu bar
  239. Can't save Workspace - unable to access resource files
  240. Slide library migrated from AutoCAD 2006 to 2007 not functioning
  241. AutoCAD 2007 - Where can I find clean copy of acad.cui
  242. Custom Toolbar does not stay put in AutoCAD 2006
  243. Is there a faster way to generate multiple new commands in the CUI?
  244. Shortcut Menus in partial cui's
  245. AutoCAD 2007 - Custom fly-out toolbar not recognizing the toolbars associated with it
  246. Add visibility options to my right click menu when an object is selected
  247. Load LISP files with CUI
  248. Pull-down menu keeps disappearing from Custom.cui
  249. Saving a User Interface in AutoCAD 2007
  250. Toolbar images show as ? marks in AutoCAD 2006