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  1. I'm first!
  2. Dot Net API - What is it?
  3. Then let me be the first VB.Net Programmer
  4. Anyone have more info than what is provided by the initial API downolad and help file
  5. Just wondering if anyone else is trying to use the API?
  6. Getting started by Mike Tuersley (CADalyst)
  7. New to .NET - download this!!!
  8. VB.Net Netload DLL and Windows forms (EXE)
  9. Change in SQL Connection String?
  10. Updating VBa Code to .Net
  11. Tab in AutoCAD
  12. Update on 2.0 Compatibility
  13. Current space using VB.Net ?
  14. CommandEnded Event
  15. VB.Net savecomplete event
  16. VB.Net DocumentCreated event
  17. Autodesk University 2005: Code Download & Discussion
  18. How to get plot information with vb.net
  19. Updated ADT2007 API examples available
  20. Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005
  21. C# programming examples
  22. 2006-07-27 - Autodesk Building Systems .NET API Webcast
  23. C# Publish to DWF
  24. Unhandled exception on Exit
  25. Point2D missing directive or assembly reference?
  26. Is C# the way to go??
  27. Retrieve block
  28. C# and ObjectDBX?
  29. c#.net .GetXDataForApplication ?
  30. How can I access the thumbnail from both a block definition and a block file?
  31. Auto Load DLL
  32. Error when running sub - eNotOpenForWrite
  33. Deployment of the dll (framework version 2.0)
  34. .EndPlotEventHandler - where in the class?
  35. eLockViolation
  36. UserForm Hide/Show Problem
  37. DrawVector - scale my points depending on the Zoom Scale of the Viewport
  38. Plotting in .NET
  39. Is there a way to create a system variable using VB.Net?
  40. Getting Started with .NET
  41. Deleting Objects (eNotOpenForWrite error)
  42. Using Collections/Classes in VB.NET
  43. Multiple events to raise one function...
  44. Insert a Layout from a Template into another drawing?
  45. Where to find information on DWG TrueView development
  46. Purging Blocks in managed code?
  47. eLockedViolation Error - Layers
  48. Adding table to Database...
  49. Tutorials on DOT NET for AutoCAD
  50. Index Color to RGB
  51. Using VB.Net 2005 with AutoCAD Map 3D 2007 - Db.SaveAs is causing problems
  52. Using XML and Autocad
  53. Change the UCS and Layer when the user types XREF in the command line
  54. Activate a Layout
  55. Double Click Event
  56. Custom Palette Crashing AutoCAD
  57. Setting Text type in a DXF...
  58. Reading the CUI using VB.Net
  59. Create Custom Drawing Properties that keep the case of the string given?
  60. Returning a SYMBOL using VB.Net Lisp Function
  61. Looking for .NET and MapGuide tutorials
  62. Create boundary in C#
  63. BlockReferences with C# and objectDBX
  64. Sort a collection of 2d points in a Point2dCollection by the x property
  65. Adding a jig to a GetPoint() command prompt.
  66. Call the ghost image for a block insertion in .NET
  67. AutoCAD Custom Exporter using .NET
  68. Insert a Block and make it Annotative
  69. Program that hides AutoCAD entities runs slower in .NET than VBA
  70. Problems debugging ACAD 2008 with VS 2005
  71. InterOp libraries for Autosketch R7 and above
  72. Is it possible to run .NET applications in AutoCAD LT
  73. Create a .ARX file from a *.DLL file that was created in vb.net
  74. First item - Macro Calls, Second Item - Disable toolbar buttons
  75. Create a Room With Revit API
  76. VB Button in AutoCAD 2004
  77. Plotting Active Paper or Model Space
  78. File Watcher Fatal Error
  79. Map 2008 API
  80. Cancel a Command
  81. VB.NET and 2005
  82. What API should I learn?
  83. Map 2007 Change Coordinate System
  84. Opening Drawing as Read-only causes AutoCAD to crash
  85. Compiler options
  86. "Drawing is busy", Closing all open drawings.
  87. Combine dwfs with DotNet?
  88. Anonymous Blocks
  89. Can't Save Drawing
  90. VBA Error When ran Twice
  91. xref
  92. Accessing USERRx and USERIx variables
  93. UCS
  94. Problem Plotting wipeouts to PDF
  95. VB.net for 2008; First Code
  96. Transactions Problem
  97. Block Reference & Attributes
  98. .net Pallettes
  99. Revit-Create a new parameter similar to keynote
  100. Dimensioning in Inventor 2008
  101. UI problems again
  102. How to install Autocad Template
  103. .net with autocad
  104. Undo Dictionary Changes
  105. Getting Autocad's "SaveAs" Values into VB
  106. Create Dynamic Block
  107. ObjectModified & Properties Palette & Dynamic Blocks
  108. Keep unused blocks
  109. Creating custom Object using VB.net for Autocad 2007
  110. Close Button on Palette
  111. Map 2007 - Save Back with VB.NET
  112. QSAVE
  113. eWasOpenForWrite
  114. Applying Layer Settings to All Open Drawings
  115. setting autocad file paths in vb.net
  116. Using VB.NET to Pick the Active Viewport
  117. Solid Block Editing
  118. Get image file from Render appearance with code...
  119. .net starting trouble
  120. Export phases to excel?
  121. Programming with IronPython
  122. New from Template
  123. Why is FamilyInstance Room null for component?
  124. Change Paperspace Background Color with .NET
  125. Viewport Table Records
  126. How to Tell when PUBLISH completes
  127. Xref
  128. C# triangulation algorithm
  129. Xref overlay without detach
  130. Page Setups
  131. create new column style in autocad architecture
  132. fillet
  133. Create new Structural Member Styles
  134. AutoCAD.net deployment
  135. SheetSet access using VB.NET?
  136. Extracting Block Information
  137. Netload command not recognized
  138. C# auto PDF problem
  139. Help - Tekla Reference Model
  140. File and Replace text via C#
  141. RIBBON CUI using .NET and DATABASE
  142. AutoCAD dotnet object model? + C# Plotting
  143. DWGDirectX equivalent
  144. Civil 3D API
  145. An exception pops up when reloading xref block and the dwg file is opened via ReadDwgFile method
  146. Automatic PDF-ing. Even possible?
  147. Collections Issue
  148. Slides
  149. Control Array
  150. There has got to be a faster way
  151. putting Column using VB.NET in Architecture
  152. Opening a Project using VB.NET
  153. Refence for programming in autocad architecture
  154. How to programatically create a connection to sdf file in data connect window (AutoCAD MAP 3D)
  155. PlotSettings: Plot Styles?
  156. working with multi document in .dll class
  157. Document Level Global variables in Revit API
  158. adding Columns & Beams in AutoCAD Architecture
  159. .NET code crashes in debug mode, but works otherwise.
  160. eWasOpenForWrite
  161. Bind Xref's in C#
  162. Full screenshot of the layout
  163. Change Xref Paths to Relative (Requesting the mastermind of TonyT)
  164. External Tools sub menu items always disabled
  165. Graphical Webapplication
  166. Jig Insert Block
  167. C# express debug
  168. Transparent Commands
  169. If I wanted to start coding in .NET....
  170. Revit Architecture 2010 Beta .Net API docs
  171. The API for DWG Viewer
  172. how to get an entity's object data and change another entity's object data?
  173. Visual Studio Edit and Continue Revit 2010
  174. BeginDocumentClose
  175. Select and move a block
  176. Inventor 2009 Addin-toolbar will not persist
  177. anyone asp.net?
  178. DataSet and DataTable problem
  179. Is it possible to embed c# code
  180. Rotating block jig in VB.NET
  181. Can anyone help me to change this vba code to VB.net
  182. Programming for Revit Basics
  183. VB.net Basics
  184. Debug Problem in Visual studio express
  185. Grabbing The Text From another Window
  186. Finding Distance between 2 lines
  187. Database Connectionstring does not work
  188. Editing CAD Files in a Loop
  189. Easy way to get started
  190. API Training
  191. .Net using VB or C#
  192. All I want is a Userform to show..
  193. Mudar o ucs e desenhar [How to change the UCS before placing an entity]
  194. Sending Commands to Command Line From Modal Form
  195. Adding text to Listbox at specific index
  196. Copy a Groupbox from one Form to another
  197. Custom Contextual Ribbon Category possible with .NET?
  198. Fixing textstyle scaling
  199. Getting block names and their attribute definitions programmatically
  200. Accessing ViewPorts
  201. External File Support
  202. Newbie Question: Running code across multiple documents
  203. Save View
  204. lower & upper bounds of the current window/view?
  205. Finding a Layout wherein a ViewPort lives
  206. Button Click Event and Layers
  207. Playing a Wav file...
  208. Unregistering Event Handlers (Design Question)
  209. Error Loading
  210. How to Host a Button in DataGridView to get a 3D point in AutoCAD
  211. Break a Loop?
  212. Add tab to ribbon using VB.net
  213. sheetset component for vb.net
  214. Update Q
  215. Delete matching entities from multiple documents
  216. Bug with Autodesk Project Creation wizard
  217. C# sample attaching XRecord to a graphical object
  218. PromptPointOptions Question
  219. Updating Xref Names
  220. XrefAttach & XrefDetach - Please Help
  221. Regen background drawing
  222. How to insert a DWG file as a block
  223. Drawing Focus from Palette
  224. Window State
  225. ModelSpace
  226. Listing TIFF Xrefs
  227. Set Focus To The Drawing Area After Click
  228. Xref FullPath
  229. "Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt
  230. Saving to Registry
  231. Distribute application
  232. Selection Sets and Blocks with Attributes
  233. Help drawing a circle using VB.Net
  234. Redefine block with same name on insert
  235. What's the difference between (getenv) and GetSystemVariable?
  236. .net plotting with single command
  237. Changing a checkbox from another control event
  238. Set a layer's plot style and description
  239. Layout settings
  240. Animation graphics on screen
  241. Autodesk's AutoCAD .NET Developer's Guide
  242. Trouble getting started.
  243. Simple Regen?
  244. Search and Replace
  245. Data Shortcut Folder
  246. Scaling Cursor graphics using Pointmonitor
  247. Batch Converting CTB to STB
  248. Paperspace Size
  249. New to .Net and trying to create a program I wrote in VBA
  250. changevpsettings .Net to LISP function