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  1. Dimensions in Model or Paper ?
  2. Layer for Title Block and Border
  3. Text Styles with Height specified
  4. CAD Standards
  5. Creating Templates - Where to begin?
  6. Layer Std's
  7. Advice - in the middle of updating standards
  8. ANSI Y-14 Drafting Standard
  9. Is there any recognised standard(s) for pen thicknesses to pen colour?
  10. Starting up a New CAD Management System
  11. aia standard layer name?
  12. Opinion: Layer 0 as a primary drawing layer
  13. cad standards
  14. A feeler - Intelligent Alpha-Num Filenames
  15. Not CAD related - Drawing Sheet Numbers
  16. it's all in the details
  17. CTB -> STB conversion
  18. Drawing "Bylayer" or specific
  19. Negative Dims with Ordinate Dimensioning
  20. AEC (UK) CAD Standards
  21. model space or layout space
  22. TrueType or outline fonts vs. shx
  23. Text Height Configuration - Scale
  24. AutoCAD Layer 0
  25. Layer Prefixes & Layer drop down
  26. What to include in first template?
  27. Dimensioning in Paperspace
  28. What too put in a CAD Standards Manual
  29. Back in the day Engineer
  30. CTB Tables and Pen Styles
  32. AIA layers survey...
  33. Creating Standards
  34. CAD detail library
  35. Creating New Standards.... could use some ideas
  36. Where do you keep your Blocks?
  37. CAD standards
  38. Detail Library
  39. Dimension Styles
  40. Amount of work involved in setting up CAD Standards
  41. CAD Standards Checklist
  42. Multiple layouts vs Multiple drawing files
  43. Drawing number standards
  44. CAD Standards
  45. How to approach upper management about the importance of enforcing standards
  46. You Asked for it!
  47. Layer Standard
  48. Bylayer - again...
  49. Fire Rated Walls - Graphical Representation
  50. Line color
  51. The Rules of CAD?
  52. Can exploded dims cause problems?
  53. National CAD Standards?!?!
  54. Recommended model tab background
  55. NCS Layer List
  56. X'reffing - What do you do?
  57. text and piping?
  58. how often do you update?
  59. Annotation and Dimensions
  60. AutoCad Office Standards
  61. Lineweights for different structure parts
  62. Commercial Project Sheet Numbering
  63. Writing a CAD Draughting Manual and Electronic Document Management Manual
  64. CAD Standards, should I be Politically Correct or a Dictator?
  65. Keeping Contractor Standards up to date
  66. Dimension standards - Catching dimensions that have been forced
  67. Discipline Designators
  68. Layers in NCS that would indicate use for ADA code requirements and symbols
  69. Submitting suggestions to the National CAD Standards
  70. Civil CAD standards for your use
  71. How do you utilize Model Space / Paper Space?
  72. Block Library Usage
  73. Site plan lineweights
  74. National BIM Standard?
  75. Pipe Colour Codes
  76. Steel Detailing Standards
  77. TTF vs .shx
  78. CAPS vs Sentence Style Capitalization
  79. CTB or STB?
  80. Introducing a CAD Manual & Standards into a new company
  81. Building Column Layer Names
  82. Example of a CAD Standards compliance letter
  83. Text Justification with Leaders
  84. Layers - Colors - Lineweights
  85. Setting Up CAD Standards for a New Office
  86. Civil / Structural standard details in CAD format
  87. Call out sections as numbers or letters?
  88. Guide or Standard Drawing Register, for reference, review
  89. CAD Standards relating to Health, Safety & Environment risks
  90. Please comment on a memo sent round, highlighting company CAD standards
  91. Multi-Building Project Sheet numbering
  92. What are my options to help control AutoCAD Standards (without LISP or VBA)
  93. US CAD Standards
  94. CAD Standards manual, freely sharing with everyone...
  95. Does anyone have a collection of ISA symbols for P&ID's
  96. What's the best way to structure a block library?
  97. File naming conventions
  98. Naming conventions for Dim Styles and Text Styles
  99. Text Height reference chart for Imperial units
  100. File naming conventions
  101. Best way to document Client and Company CAD Standards
  102. diameter symbol
  103. Templates / Standards / Procedures
  104. Do the Top 20 Design firms use the National CADD Standards or their own
  105. Starting company standards from scratch... Ideas? Tips?
  106. CAD Standards in html format
  107. Standard layers and blocks
  108. Objects on layer 0? Good or bad .... ?
  109. AIA layer standards
  110. Recommend a book for electrical drawing standards?
  111. Setting up company standard Templates, what should go in them
  112. NCS Layering Template
  113. When to use that AIA layer?
  114. Correct Multiline Text Editor window
  115. Recommended name for "main xref"
  116. Title Blocks the good & the bad.
  117. OLE Excel Schedules and archiving drawings
  118. Title Blocks - Bottom or Side?
  119. Anyone aware of an AIA standard regarding the use of Paperspace for Dims and Notes
  120. AIA Standards for Theatrical Applications
  121. Is this a valid layer - NCS/AIA 3.1
  122. Going about setting up new Standards and getting them to work
  123. Text orientation
  124. Using National CAD Standard with ADT
  125. NCS format for layer names - What is the correct layer for the roof awning below
  126. CP 83 Layering Standard (ASIA) - Layer key setup for ADT
  127. Text within Xref files or not
  128. UK - Royal Institute of British Architects CAD Standards?
  129. Dim's Where? Your Input on Trans-spatial Use
  130. CAD Standards Checker - blocks
  131. Relation between CAD Standards and Indian Standard.
  132. Implementing CAD Standards
  133. Does anyone know the BS recommended text sizes or where to find them (from A4 to A0)?
  134. Is there a library of CAD files that are NCS compliant already established?
  135. What is your companies Standard font
  136. Layer name(s) for inserted raster images?
  137. CAD Standards Comparison
  138. Looking for NCS Sheet Layout examples
  139. Standards for cutting plane line
  140. Referencing Architectural files into Civil files
  141. Putting CAD Standards into a Windows Help file
  142. Do you favor STBs or CTBs more?
  143. Dimension Floor plans to Framing or Finishes?
  144. CAD Standards implementation and getting people on-board
  145. Annotation - On it's own Xref ?
  146. Layer Naming for Water & Waste Water Treatment Plants
  147. Anybody using Graphic Standards 11th edition?
  148. Advice? CAD standards in a big firm
  149. Viewports and Defpoint layer
  150. Nested Xrefs, Good OR Evil?
  151. How do you show door wwings on floor plans?
  152. Attributes vs Fields for title block information
  153. ADT 2004 - To Xref or not to Xref?
  154. Should leader lines attached to text have tails or not?
  155. Office Standard font choice - Are Adobe OpenType fonts an option?
  156. Ellipse - What dim's needed to be added besides the major and minor axes?
  157. Map NCS naming conventions to Florida DOT uStn level requirements
  158. Layer States quick update
  159. Linetypes with Diamonds
  160. Layer Description Property Missing in Standards Check
  161. SHX style that I don't want
  162. ?? about Pipe Profiles
  163. Inserting a template to update an old drawing
  164. NCS 3.1 (.dws) and standards checker?
  165. CAD Standard Request
  166. Symbol Libraries
  167. Units = Feet instead of Metres
  168. Old School Dim Break?
  169. Polylines
  170. Standards for food manufacturing plants
  171. Copy - Paste Issue
  172. Exporting DWG out of Revit - Curtain Wall Layer Issues
  173. National Cad Standard 4.0
  174. sharing tool palletes
  175. sharing tool palletes
  176. Official Cadized State Seals??
  177. Literature Search. . .
  178. Standard Checker Issue
  179. Deploying standards with Availl Technology
  180. Error obtaining plugin for Standard Checker
  181. High Voltage Cad Symbols
  182. Text Height Standardization
  183. MLeader and dimscale
  184. Saving AutoCAD 2008 DWG files as AutoCAD 14 and 12.
  185. text to mtext
  186. cant change the mtext
  187. Plugin not load for user
  188. Template Help
  189. what triggers plot styles for wall styles, etc.?
  190. Project True Type Fonts
  191. Door schedules by floors?
  192. Cool cad blocks
  193. Linetype scale issue LDD 2008
  194. Lineweight Standard
  195. Printing list of layers and their states
  196. Working with the NCS?
  197. Layer keys for AIA 4.0
  198. wall styles and layers
  199. Layer Color/linetype standards throughout dwgs
  200. templates
  201. insertion points
  202. Standard Issue...
  203. From AutoCAD to Arch2008 Standards
  204. CTB vs STB
  205. Fonts in Autocad/Microstation
  206. Default Layers
  207. US & BS layering list
  208. Building Services New Symbol library
  209. Text
  210. Multiple Standards Files
  211. Extended NCS and NCS.ctb
  212. BS 1192 / Uniclass
  213. Should Hollow Metal Window Frame tags be the same tag used to tag doors?
  214. Chnage Office Standards To Accomodate DWF Publishing?
  215. change layer names
  216. Text, Fonts, Styles Best Practices
  217. Updating your CAD Standards
  218. 3rd angle projection
  219. Design Discipline Codes
  220. How many required signatures
  221. NCS version 4.0 and problems with .stb files
  222. NCS Discipline Designators
  223. Digital Drawing Disclaimer
  224. Find and Replace in AutoCAD 2009
  225. PEN and PLOT styles magaged by Active Directory or Login Script
  226. Batch Standard Check
  227. Need layering for NCS
  228. Page setups - how many is too many?
  229. Layer Names In Excel Into AutoCAD 2008 Layer Manager?
  230. Draft by Layer vs By Entity
  231. Standards "Manual"
  232. CAD Help File
  233. Check spelling in autocad 2008
  234. AIA layer discipline by creator or by object?
  235. existing layer names
  236. Leaders LDD2009 (and Civil3d 2009)
  237. How to convey Existing Linework using NCS?
  238. AIA Layering
  239. Tracking Details, Views and Sections
  240. Tool Palette Question
  241. Removing items from an install dwg
  242. Project Collaboration
  243. Section Callouts in vanilla AutoCAD
  244. line width of internal walls
  246. CAD Manager Channel
  247. Layer standards missing from Autocad2009
  248. Small Firm Standards
  249. scale changes when plot is 1/2 from 1:1
  250. Linetype Scale (LTS)