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  1. Text box outline auto adjust
  2. Find and replace DWF names
  3. Add PLT and PDF files into a Multi-sheet DWF
  4. Draw Clouds Separate
  5. Pen to Screen Interface
  6. Wish List Guidelines
  7. Print different sizes of media
  8. Markups Export Option
  9. DWF Composer on Subscription (Network licensing)
  10. Symbol Catalogue
  11. Write to DWF from Mac platform applications
  12. Exporting of Surface Lines
  13. Open DWG in Composer
  14. Ability to move blocks in Composer or at least copy them
  15. Additional Tool Buttons to all dwf products
  16. AutoSave
  17. Ability to Rotate Redline Objects
  18. Markup Sheets as Print Range option
  19. Automatic Text Box Formatting - Markups
  20. Include DWF Design Review with AutoCAD Products FREE
  21. Highlighter Ability
  22. Rotate Page Layouts
  23. Capturing fonts with DWF creation
  24. Ability to set Units eg Fractions of an inch
  25. Improve the copy/paste functionality of markups in Design Review
  26. Freehand Markup tool should work with tablets
  27. Saved markup colors by user.
  28. Part number searching option
  29. Applying cumulative measurements
  30. 3dmax architecture rendering
  31. Dimension text override
  32. Adjust scale based on known value
  33. Open XREF file when editing XREF
  34. Selecting multiple items & Select Similar
  35. Scrolling thru' a DWF book, so to speak...
  36. remodeling
  37. Hide Comment When Completed
  38. Additional Windows functionality
  39. more graphics options
  40. Printing options
  41. Marc's Wish List
  42. Mark up related to My View
  43. Inventor DWF Compare
  44. dwf wish
  45. Wish # 2 for DWF
  46. Center Orbit Pivot with orbit tool
  47. Floor slab split face dosnt come through
  48. need a poly-line tool for running manual take-offs
  49. Line weights on/off toggle
  50. Line Types
  51. Embed 3D DWF in 2D dwf
  52. Need to import professional seal / signature into DWF
  53. Alphabetical Catalogues
  54. MAC Support
  55. Dynamic Plots
  56. Portable Design Review
  57. Array Symbols
  58. Markup Inclusion in Symbol Catalog Insertion
  59. View Markup
  60. aggregate / combine comments into one file
  61. Ability to change attributes in symbols
  62. CUI for Design Review
  63. Alphabetic Symbol Catalogues
  64. Page Scrolling with Mouse
  65. Stamps - make attributable
  66. Walk through from Revit Archictecture
  67. iPad Version
  68. Group Marks as One Comment
  69. Drawing Order Wish List Item
  70. Flashing Text in DWF
  71. Geo-Synchronised version for iPad