View Full Version : DWG TrueView - Wish List

  1. Wish List Guidelines
  2. the ability to measure
  3. double click scroll button - zoom extents
  4. print via command line
  5. Modify xref path
  6. Ability to use F2 to toggle Text Window to the front
  7. Deploy TrueView custom profiles
  8. Ability to run trueview on a terminal server
  9. How about porting it to PocketPC or Windows CE
  10. Measure, List, Area, Inquiry in TrueView, now that Design Review is free
  11. Combine DWG TrueView 2008 with Design Review 2008
  12. Object Enablers
  13. Sheetset Manager
  14. File translation
  15. Measurements in True View
  16. Aerial View
  17. eTransmite
  18. Publishcollate = 0 in TrueView
  19. Ability to count blocks
  20. Embedded Raster Images
  21. Mac version of TrueView
  22. Search dwg Properties
  23. Layer States in drawings on TrueView to include the "Turn off layers not found in layer state" checkbox