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  1. Wish List Guidelines
  2. Separate Paperspace Layers
  3. Tapered Threads for Shaft Generator
  4. Need to have a "new" menu load back to the old way.
  5. copy rotate object multiple times
  6. AutoCAD Mechanical Wishlist AU 2005
  7. Formatting of Numeric data when exporting Hole Tables to Excel in AutoCAD Mechanical
  8. STEPIN and STEPOUT restored to AutoCAD2007?
  9. Centerlines by Twos Not Fours
  10. PDF improvements
  11. Enable 3D Tools
  12. Dynamic blocks - parts list
  13. Note - library
  14. AutoCAD Mechanical
  15. More robust library
  16. Nut & Bolts
  17. Detail View from a Base View
  18. Do you supply material?
  19. Rubber parts
  20. Hatch in AutoCAD Mechanical to work exactly the same as AutoCAD Vanilla