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  1. Wish List Guidelines
  2. Make a copy of a file.
  3. IGES, STEP, and other file creation at specific events - check-in or make a button
  4. Vault wishlist at AU 2005
  5. Vault Replication
  6. Editable / expandable Vault 'Comments' field
  7. Opening Files in Vault
  8. Copy Design Features
  9. The ability to create PDF when checking files into Vault
  10. Vault Status in Search Results
  11. Vault + Max + Wish
  12. Major Issue: Release vs. filestatus in Vault Workgroup, Collaboration and Manufactoring
  13. Vault Maunfacturing 2010
  14. Change Vault Icon Interface
  15. Resore Scrolling Capability
  16. Open/Place files from VAULT
  17. Move Library files
  18. Change Category, Change revision
  19. VB Automation copying files in vault
  20. Select Which version of AutoCAD to launch on opening a file from Vault
  21. Allow ECO routing lists to be applied to groups as well as individual users
  22. Parsing ECO comments for properties
  23. Checking files into Vault - Close files and delete working copies
  24. Printing drawings from Vault
  25. Vault Check-In Dialog - Adjustable Comments Field
  26. Searching Vault:
  27. Job Server Queue