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  1. St. Louis User Group Meeting!
  2. MTSKAUG July Meeting
  3. AIA & REVIT SIG User Group Meeting
  4. Guide to Starting Your Own LUG
  5. No LUGs On Long Island???
  7. Recruiting Members
  8. Upcoming Conference Call
  9. California Revit LUG meetings in June
  10. www.soapweb.ca site
  11. Ebig VAD Sig - Green Building Studio - ADT, Revit, ArchiCAD
  12. Need user groups in Central Illinois - Champaign/University of Ill.
  13. What secretes are there to get people to attend
  14. 2 Things on LUGs; Confrance Call & New Thread.
  15. Ebig VAD Sig - LISP Roundtable-Open for Presenters
  16. UK Revit User Group
  17. Input needed...
  18. Washington DC Area
  19. What do YOU want in a LUG & please help!
  20. Flyers or Handouts
  21. GCAUG Revit/ADT SIG Meeting Agenda & Presenter
  22. LUG class at AU
  23. UK_Revit Users Group Meetings
  24. Don't have a LUG near you?
  25. AutoCAD user groups in London?
  26. S.F. Bay Area Revit User's Group Meeting - Aug. 17th - Meet the Revit Developers!
  27. SCRUG Meeting - 19 August 2004
  28. Autodesk Would Like to Meet with Customers in LA
  29. Orlando REVIT Meeting
  30. Autodesk User Group
  31. St Louis LUG meeting...
  32. AU - LUG
  33. SW VA User Group
  34. NFR Software
  35. What do you want?
  36. Non-Profit Status?
  37. South Eastern VA user group
  38. Help needed, Please Read!
  39. RUG?
  40. Uk User groups?
  41. Is there a LUG in Wisconsin?
  42. Revit user's meeting in Vancouver, BC
  43. Civil Lug
  44. No LUG in your area?
  45. Join Us in Jacksonville, FL for AUGI CAD Camp November 9th, 2004
  46. Who supports your local group?
  47. Introducing this forum's "Moderatin Mama"
  48. notes from the Gateway AUG's last meeting.
  49. Help with my AU class
  50. LUG`s in England
  51. NYC LUG
  52. Seattle Revit User Group Meeting
  53. Recruiting New Members & Keeping Current Members
  54. New Revit Users Group, Inland Empire Southern California
  55. Meetings and Fees?
  56. Why are you not in a local user group?
  57. Northern Utah Revit Users Group
  58. LUG meeting in st. louis tonight
  59. LUG'S are they worth a 2.5 hour drive
  60. Land Desktop and Revit Discussed
  61. I need to talk to you Richard Binning!
  62. NFR Schedule
  63. When do NFR requests get sent to LUGs
  64. St. Louis Tips N Tricks Meeting Last Night
  65. Looking for opinions...
  66. East Valley of The Sun User Group, Central Arizona
  67. How to update LUG information???
  68. AutoCAD 2006 Presentation
  70. KICK-OFF! Revit Users Group Inland Empire
  71. LUG Handbook
  72. Most Recent GAUG Meeting
  73. What kind of education do you get during the year?
  74. User Group Templates:
  75. Drafting Manager
  76. Central Florida Revit Users Group.
  77. Denver Revit user group?
  78. SCRUG Elects New President(s)
  79. Revit LUG
  80. NFR Products Value to the LUG's and Members
  81. LUG Websites?
  82. North Carolina Revit User Group Meeting
  83. Northern Utah Revit Users Group
  85. Brisbane Revit User Group - July 2005.
  86. Cincinnati Revit Users group
  87. NFR Giveaways at LUG Meeting
  89. Need Input for Lug of the Month
  90. LUG Officers At AU
  91. AUGI Give-a-ways
  92. AU Free Attendees
  93. What is a virtual LUG?
  94. LUG in South Florida.
  95. Baltimore Area LUG
  96. New LUG in Ottawa NCR
  97. NY Capital Region LUG?
  98. MTSKAUG Splitting up in a good way!
  99. MTSKAUG last Meeting Thursday Night
  100. AU Free Registration
  101. LUG Promo Status
  102. Old users group in Grand Rapids MI
  103. SA Revit Users Group - change of meeting dates
  104. DotSoft seeks to expand relationships with Local Users Groups
  105. Emailing Announcements
  106. Denver Revit Users Group Meeting 12/8/05
  107. CT Revit Users LUG
  108. Managing SIG's as a part of our LUG
  109. Viz Users Group in the greater boston area
  110. UK Revit UG launches website
  111. Any User Groups near Souther Vermont?
  112. Chicago Autodesk Revit Users Group Meeting
  113. Chicago Loop Autodesk Revit Users Group
  114. NYC ABS/MEP User Group will meet on Tuesday, Jan. 17th @6 PM
  115. Wanting to start a LUG in Soutwestern Utah
  116. Ottawa Ontario Canada LUG Org. Meeting
  117. Pop quiz, what do you do...?
  118. Gateway AUG meeting St. Louis
  119. LUG Registration
  120. Anyone! Digital Shaan Hurley at your next LUG meeting
  121. Spokane, WA Revit Group Meeting
  122. Seattle Revit User Group
  123. AutoCAD 2007 Presentation
  124. Good meeting topics:
  125. Kansas City Revit User Group
  126. Meeting frequency
  127. Northern Utah Revit User Group
  128. St Louis Architecture User Group "Building St Louis"
  129. AUGI and AU
  130. Download Section on LUG website
  131. Your feedback is requested.
  132. Web Casting a User Group Meeting
  133. AUGI Speaker Bureau
  134. New LUG in Banaglore!
  135. LUG's and AU
  136. AU2006 LUGs Special Offer - Notice.
  137. How important is a LUG?
  138. Local Chapters
  139. Syracuse NY Local Users Group
  140. New Registration for All LUG's
  141. Growing and Maintaining Members
  142. Information on the Greater Chicago AUG?
  143. Suncoast Autodesk User Group????
  144. AU Presidents Program
  145. Letter to all Local Chapter Presidents
  146. LUG Activities calendar has been renamed...
  147. New Web Space from AUGI
  148. Change text within AutoCAD from another program
  149. LUG day at AU
  150. Local Chapter Leadership Conference
  151. Local Chapters vs. LUG?
  152. how to setup and manage local chapter
  153. We are like to start a Local Chapter
  154. NJUAG
  155. New LUG called Forum Of Cad UserS (FOCUS) in Kuwait
  156. Any updates?
  157. AutoCAD Local User - Bangalore, INDIA
  158. Why is the FMLUG not a chapter yet?
  159. How was the past 12 months? How will the next 12 months be?
  160. LUG to Local?
  161. Is there a format letter to mail out announcing...
  162. Looking for a LA based Revit User Group
  163. When can a LUG become LC ?
  164. LUG Meeting - POST them in WEB
  165. Seminar For ADT 2007 & AutoCAD & Viz 2007 by FOCUS Kuwait
  166. AMUG Chapter Forum
  167. AUGI LUG Bylaws review
  168. Spreading the Word
  169. C3D Group in Portland
  170. Attention All Local Chapter Members
  171. Can't even get a response from the AUGI LUC team about getting grandfathered
  172. is there orange county revit user group?
  173. Update local chapter info
  174. Focus Kuwait Conducting AutoCAD Training Camps
  175. Searching for West Virginia CAD users
  176. Requesting NFR for 2008 Products
  177. Seattle Civil3D group
  178. Changing the Name of an LC?
  179. Civil user group wanted in Tulsa Oklahoma
  180. LUG's, Chapters and AU 2007
  181. London 3ds Max User Group
  182. FREE AU Passes For User Groups
  183. MEP User Group of Madison, Wisconsin
  184. Is there a LC in the Kentucky area
  185. Script file search
  186. LUG in Evansville, IN.
  187. NWUG Civil 3D - Portland, OR
  188. Need some styles
  189. LUG ideas
  190. Nothing in Italy?
  191. Funding a LC Website
  192. AUGI Local Chapter
  193. AUGI LC Leader's Portal
  194. Trouble posting meetings to LC site
  195. NFR Software for LUG's
  196. AUGI LC Leadership Conference 2007
  197. For a Country Chapter
  198. Surveying users
  199. LUG in Chicago or Northern Indiana
  200. New Hampshire Civil 3D LUG?
  201. AUGI Director Letter and Tips and Tricks in CAD
  202. GHAUG Status
  203. Alaska Revit Users Group
  204. Is there a chapter in the upper midwest?
  205. Four States Autodesk User Group
  206. Need help creating "Autocad on Unix" community of interest
  207. Charlotte AutoCAD/Revit user group
  208. Leadership Conference
  209. Congrats RUGON
  210. LUG versus Chapter? NFR lics?
  211. 3-for-1?
  212. Denver Revit Users Group
  213. AUGI Cad Camp Material
  214. AUGI and LUG's at AU
  215. Des Moines, Iowa Revit Users Group
  216. New Revit User Group in Long Beach California
  217. Lynn Allen to visit Tampa 2009-Feb-17
  218. New Indiana Revit Users Group
  219. Charlotte Revit User Group - Charlotte, NC
  220. Are there any AUGI members/chapters in the New Orleans area?
  221. Los Angeles Revit Users Group
  222. New User Group - Lynchburg VA!!
  223. NYC 3DS Max User Group Meeting...April 30,2009
  224. Lynn Allen To Visit Dallas 5-11-09
  225. Local Chapter Websites
  226. Leadership Conference Videos Now Available.
  227. Jacksonville FL User group
  228. New AEC User Group In Northeastern PA
  229. AU 3 for 1 - 2009?
  230. Charleston Area Revit User Group
  231. Anyone in Turkey? İstanbul?
  232. Lynn Allen and Robert Green Coming To Rochester, NY (11/12/09)
  233. Civil 3D users in Chicago - unite!
  234. AUGI Leadership Conference at AU 2009
  235. WFRUG in SLC
  236. New Rochester, NY Revit User Group
  237. CLRUG now the CBC
  238. Lynn Allen and Dallas CAD Camp
  239. West Chicago Burbs
  240. New Northern California Civil Users Group
  241. New Kansas City Revit User Group
  242. Looking for a Revit Arch User Group in or near Wilmington NC
  243. AUGI Local Chapters (LCs) & Local User Groups (LUGs) - A call to action!
  244. Chicago Civil 3D User Group
  245. I want to create a REVIT API local Chapter in CHILE
  246. any acad users in Phoenix or surroundina area
  247. BIM Middle East Survey Lebanese American University
  248. LUG in Cleveland, Ohio
  249. Suggestions for inaugural meeting
  250. New Ann Arbor Michigan Inventor User Group