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  1. New Posts Only
  2. Fast searches for posts in the last "X" days
  3. Getting the most relevant answers to your question
  4. Turning on WYSIWYG Text Editor
  5. Setting your Clock to your Local Time
  6. How to Quote Others
  7. Elegant Linking to Other Threads
  8. Linking directly to a post within a thread
  9. Change your AUGI / Forum Email address
  10. How do I change my Forum User Name (user ID)
  11. Public (Joinable) Custom Usergroups
  12. How do I find my own threads / posts (especially if they have been "moved")
  13. Forum "User Reputation" updated.
  14. Forum "User Titles" updated.
  15. Allowable Forum file attachment types and their corresponding maximum file size
  16. AUGI Forums Search facility now uses MySQL Full Text Search
  17. Rules concerning Forum Avatars
  18. Rules concerning Forum Profile Pictures
  19. Rules concerning Forum Signatures
  20. Opt out of displaying your forum reputation.
  21. Uploading attachments