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  1. Import / Export Map Plot Sets
  2. I don't always use Map Functions...
  3. shape file / dbf file size
  4. Conflict in command and aliases names.
  5. Autodesk Map 3D with Oracle
  6. Making the wishlists work
  7. Interrupted Plot Map
  8. Create legend in layout
  9. Copy/Paste Object Data
  10. Rename Object Data Fields
  11. Reorder Fields in Object Data
  12. Wishlist Poll
  13. Cross-section tool for map
  14. Feature objects that create new DB or OD records
  15. Create sbx and sbn index files during export to shp files
  16. Map Sets preview
  17. Dynamic Segmentation needed
  18. Alter Properties - object data
  19. Cold grips and block attribute idiosyncracy
  20. Quick Section Tool in Map 3D
  21. Cookie cutter trim
  22. Add Key View functions to Standard zoom
  23. GPS in my GIS
  24. Object data tables
  25. Enforce User Login
  26. Map Options
  27. Cross Section Tool
  28. Wish List Guidelines
  29. Civil 3D objects
  30. Selection Using Object Data
  31. Wish: menu to output a cartographic grid
  32. Change coordinate systems on the fly
  33. Boolean Object Data Type
  34. Text mask in annotation
  35. Hatch2Polygon
  36. Map Book Grid Capabilities
  37. Flood Trace Analysis
  38. Topology Protection
  39. Query Report - TAB delimited
  40. Add Query Options to Import
  41. Linetype support for 3D objects
  42. Support for AECC Objects in Queries
  43. Spatial Join for FDO
  44. Support for large fonts
  45. Reverse polyline and maintain Object Data
  46. Reactive Dynamic Blocks
  47. Geo-referenced air photos, drawings, etc.
  48. Import/Export Wishes
  49. Layer drawing order
  50. Convert Mpolygons to Topology
  51. Link text/block 2 line
  52. Plotting FDO from layout space that WORKS!
  53. Arcs in Buffered Network Topologies
  54. Hyperlink on FDO Features
  55. Acad lines (ACAD.LIN) in thematic maps