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  1. Making the Wish List work
  2. ActiveX API - Layer Filter Manipulation
  3. Grip status via the API
  4. Improve UCS in the object model
  5. Hide System Printers
  6. Communication Centre Settings
  7. Status Bar Buttons
  8. Dockable Windows Settings
  9. Menu Improvement
  10. DiaStat
  11. ObjectWillBeDeleted event
  12. ActiveX API - Dynamic Graphic Manipulation
  13. Introduce VSA while retaining VBA.
  14. Visual Lisp ActiveX Module with VBA improvement.
  15. Missing Events in VBA
  16. Add Startup Options
  17. Change signature of InstersectWith
  18. Fix the VLISP/ActiveX object-management bug
  19. Provide better access to existing functions and dialogs
  20. DCL programing should be visual
  21. acPi
  22. Wishlist Poll
  23. View Width System Variable
  24. Inventor API - IDW
  25. Close a Read Only
  26. GETxxx hooks
  27. iv piping module
  28. Dynamic Linetype
  29. more flexible selectionsets
  30. DotNet Visual Lisp
  31. Wish List Guidelines
  32. scriptable objects
  33. Bring back the functionality of EXPLODE
  34. Make value of Pi standard
  35. dyn block
  36. Convenience method to get a block from other drawing
  37. Stop renaming type libraries
  38. ctb files
  39. Inventor API: drawing sketches edit without activing sketch edit command.
  40. Inventor API: baseline justification for the textboxes of the sketch.
  41. Lock toolbars
  42. Calculators and Mtext
  43. Programatic equivalent of 3DWALK
  44. Startup Suite
  45. LISP Editor Vlide to support unicode
  46. Bug Reporting
  47. DCL: slide_image update for JPGs & solid fill hatches
  48. Block List (automated)
  49. Expose Dynamic Block Definition to .NET API
  50. Inventor API. ClientGraphics: need kAlignTextBaseline for TextGraphics
  51. Inventor API: ClientGraphics fill closed region
  52. Autolisp function to determine point location
  53. cross reference tables and blocks in both directions
  54. netUNload
  55. ReadDwgFile --> ReadDwgMemoryStream
  56. Fix Save method in ObjectDBX
  57. Correctly justify text/mtext/attributes modified via ObjectDBX
  58. Expand on vault functionality
  59. Dynamic Block Movement
  60. Filter with Detail Level
  61. Same block multiple layouts
  62. Java?
  63. AUGI Training Program (ATP) Global e-Training and local AutoLisp and VBA Lisp Programming Classes - Certified
  64. Match TEXT properties with assoc on/off toggles
  65. create typed shortcut for command group
  66. Dynamic, Complete MgdDbg
  68. Recoding Ruby Macro
  69. Default adaptation zoom - pan mouse buttons functionality
  70. Visual studio/Revit Dynamically reload an add-in for debugging purposes
  71. Limits of Revit Automation?
  72. Revit with Php or javascript