View Full Version : Water rendering black

2009-08-05, 10:39 PM

For some weird reason the water(ProMaterial) seems transparent in the Perspective view, but when I render it... it comes out completely black. All the other elements render fine.

I'm using 3ds Max Design 2009 and Mr Sun + Mr Sky. I have attached the original *.max file and an image of the final rendering illustrating the problem.


2009-08-06, 02:19 AM
You can get black transparency or reflections if your number of refl. transp. passes are too low. eg: water mesh with 2 faces front back need 2 passes, try it if it solves the problem?

2009-08-06, 08:09 AM
And just to be 100% certain, where exactly do I find the "refl. transp. passes" option ?

I searched the help file but came out empty.

2009-08-08, 05:21 PM
I've been tackling this problem for several days now. I have narrowed the rendering issue down to ProMaterials... all other types of materials render fine, eg. Arch&Design.

For example, if I choose ProMaterials:Concrete.... then everything renders black, it's like the maps are missing. But then again, glazing doesn't have a map, and it too renders black.

2009-08-09, 12:48 PM
And finally I've solved the issue. All I had to do to get the ProMaterials working, was to install the latest updates - > SP1 + some extra hotfixes.

wuupdiduuu :P