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2009-08-09, 06:54 PM
3ds max 2009
I'm just getting into max and I'm having an issue with an animation. This file only contains a mr daylighting system but after watching the animation it appears as though lights are flashing randomly. I checked the light system's properties and nothing changes throughout the animation time frame. Anyone know how to fix this?

2009-08-09, 08:16 PM
Are you using a farm to render the animation? I think you may need to generate a Photon Map file before rendering. Check out the attached ss. First you specify the file (it's name and where it's saved), then click the "Generate Photon Map File Now", then check the box "Read/Write File", then render.

Are you rendering a camera that moves? If so, make sure you are using Logarithmic Exposure Control or mr Photographic Exposure Control (don't use Automatic Exposure Control).

HTH! :beer:

2009-08-09, 10:10 PM
I'm not using a render farm. I'll try the photon map. It is a moving camera that uses mr Photographic Exposure Control. But i'll give the photon map a try and let you know, thanks for the help.

2009-08-12, 01:16 PM
I'm only aware that the Photon Map will help if you're network rendering - if not, it may be something else...

2009-08-18, 08:17 PM
yup worked perfect thanks

2009-08-18, 08:27 PM
Glad to help. :beer: