View Full Version : pipe display problem from mep2008 to mep2009

2009-12-21, 09:08 PM
I have been working with Autocad MEP since 2006 and have never been this stumped. We are in the process of moving to MEP 2009 from MEP 2008. When I open a plumbing construct(BTW when I say plumbing I mean piping systems which were made for plumbing since no true 3D plumbing exists in Autocad MEP) that was made in MEP 2008, in 2009 the gaps between single line drops and the single line pipe are very large and sometimes the pipes between fittings do not show up at all. We use the mep design display configuration. Everything looks good in the sheet but in the construct they are totally messed up. We have our own rise/drop style, it is not the default standard one. We have been using annotative to scale the single line symbols and an override at 75% in the rise/drop settings(they were a little too big for our liking by default). I have tried to change just about everything I can think of both in the display manager and the style manager with limited success. Any ideas would be helpful at this point.