View Full Version : Daylight Analysis with Solar Tubes

2010-01-27, 07:20 PM
I have a model where we are using solatubes. We used the revit part from solatube's website.
The part doesn't have a diffuser included. They have a separate one but it is just a flat extrusion. So I added my own to the family. Some people who know max reasonably well tried to help me but we couldn't make the diffuser diffuse the light very well. We were getting just a circle on the ground.

Eventually we want to submit the results for the LEED point so I need to be confident with the results. Any good materials or suggestions are appreciated.

2010-01-27, 09:58 PM
To use daylight simulations (for LEED), you'll need to use physically-based materials. These include mr Architecture & Design Materials and ProMaterials.

How is your sky portal set up? I've never used SolaTube-type lights, so I'm a little unfamiliar.

2010-01-27, 10:07 PM
They were all A&D or promaterials. Maybe I should have turned daylight portals on?


After talking to someone at solatube he sent me ies files based on the location and time of day and sky condition for LEED.

So now I need to set up "lights" instead of skylights.

2010-01-27, 10:23 PM
You can use mr Sky Portals alongside your mr Sky, using the Perez All Weather sky model. I just wouldn't know how to go about using it for a SolaTube - they have a weird exterior dome that bounces light all sorts of different ways to spread light, but not too bright during the peak sun hours... how do you create that in max?

2010-01-27, 10:24 PM
To accurately portray your gobal illumination solution, especially on an interior, make sure that you are utilizing photon GI and not just Final Gather. All of your lights should be photometric, and double check your material reflectance values to be "real world".