View Full Version : Copy items from Arch Model

2010-02-18, 03:54 AM
This might by old news :)

If you have an Arch model Linked in to your Struct model you can actually select items (columns, slabs, roof etc) in the linked in Arch. revit file and copy them into your model. I have done that now for a few projects to get the columns, slabs etc in the same location as the arch. – it is way faster than draw them yourself.

It is similar to C/M but without the monitor option.


2010-02-18, 08:49 PM
The linked file, bind it and explode.

2010-02-18, 10:43 PM
Why would I want to bind and explode the Arch model? I don’t want all of his “stuff” in my model – I only want the struct. geometry such as slabs column locations etc.


2010-02-19, 01:41 AM
Yeah I have done this before but mainly for stairs etc which dont copy/monitor at all.

I would think you would be better off using C/M to start with then just select all and unmonitor it. its a bit easier and you can set up views to show just columns or whatever it is you need from the file...it also takes away that possibility of slightly misaligning it when you paste..