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2010-06-01, 09:46 AM
Here is a message I posted on Ted Boardman's blog recently. I hope Ted can get back at some stage to address this little matter. I don't think he has done a video blog on selection sets ever.


As far as 'time less' tutorials go, I have never seen one yet that delves properly into the power of selection set in MAX. I am watching the Naviswork tutorials on AutoDesk's site at the moment. Where the teacher in the tutorial can use the BIM model in Navisworks as a database. It reminds me a lot of the way you can use the 'selection' floater in 3DS Viz release 2. The teacher says, Find all the items that contain the word 'duct'. You can then create a selection set for those items. Then you find all items which use term 'pipe'. Save that as a selection set called 'pipe'. Then the teacher of Navisworks uses the 'clash detective' to run one selection set against another. I remember I used to think long and hard about how I named objects in 3DS Max a decade ago. I wonder is there any sort of way that two selection sets can be useful in MAX, that would be useful to present in a Ted Boardman video tutorial?