View Full Version : Revit LT

2010-11-30, 04:50 PM
I got an enail today from Cadforum saying Autodesk are releasing a 'lightweight' version of Revit. Any truth in this?

2010-11-30, 05:15 PM
They might be refering to Project Vasari, more info here.
Its a lightweight version of Revit that focuses towards massing and energy studies, kind of a design level tool. Seems somewhat promising in that its got the sketch up feel the designers like but its a native Revit file to potentially streamline the workflow.

2010-12-01, 02:34 AM
A further application derived from Revit , probably to charge you further subs to "leverage" your ideas for design and "enhance" the "Revit wortkflow" so that you can "do more easily" than what Revit can do right now, because they are too busy developing other applications, to get this going inside Revit for your current subscription.