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2011-05-10, 11:14 AM
Dear All

I do a lot of outdoor bridge renders and am looking to produce 'technical drawn' renders- basically toon style line renders with monochrome materials and edges inked in (differing thickness as per engineering drawings - I am a structural engineer btw).

I want to investigate the possibility of using billboard style tree models, rather than having lots of low polygon res trees in the background of my scene but I need these billboards to render in a toon style with the outlines inked in and that is all. I can create toon style materials for the bridge, piers, handrails etc. but am struggling with the trees.

I can create a standard billboard style tree using mental ray architecture & design material with the diffuse color material set to my RGB jpg tree and the cutout map with the alpha tree.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards

2011-08-09, 07:24 PM
you can try with contour shaders...
render setup, renderer, contours

2011-11-30, 12:24 PM
You can try using the RPC plugin that I think is included with Max (is with ACA since 2008). You can also download Archivision's free RPC Creator and create your own toon style trees to use. RPC has methods of placing mass planting as well which I think would be handy