View Full Version : double slding door

2011-07-15, 02:30 PM
Help required with double sliding exterior glass doors with fixed glass panel either side. Doors to open in opposite directions

Ed Jobe
2011-07-18, 04:28 PM
When requesting help, you need to say more than "help required". What exactly do you need?

2011-07-31, 01:01 AM
Hi Westcad, I've attached my window catalogue styled on Stegbar with some exceptions.
There is a DWA that I use for FSSF sliding door. Not sure if it works as well as it should because I'm unsure how to 'connect' the inserts to the style so they'll hold. The insert is just a regular sliding door with the outer frame turned off (width 0).
feel free to email me direct if you have any questions about what I've done there. It works really well ( the whole cat) for fast insert of different windows and they have brick sizes built in.

Nathan ntellery aatt gmail dottt com