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2011-12-08, 10:04 PM
Let me preface this post by saying: I have no idea how Autodesk expects people to figure out the following filter problem I had. It was pure coincidence/luck that helped me.

We have a client who we produce color coded plans for as well as provide the model (fully color coded). We also have a number of custom made families in the Generic Model category. Up until recently, we have been only using the 3d views of the model when meeting with the client. Filters work great for color coding various things. We are currently color coding by workset.

Now comes the point where we need to produce floor plans. This should be easy right? Just make a template of the filters from the 3D view and apply it to the floor plans. Ducts come in correctly, but suddenly our custom made families don't color. Well, why is that? In a floor plan, most of these families are being cut by the view plane. So I just want to apply a filter to the cut line and also apply a pattern. Too bad, if you create a filter in a 3D view you never have the option to apply a cut pattern or line filter.

So, we create a brand new set of filters for our floor plans, set them all up. However, now the filter only applies the LINE portion of the cut, not the fill pattern. Well, what the heck? I fired up a new project and test it out, works just fine. So I compare settings - turns out in the new project my discipline was set to Architectural. Cut patterns don't apply to Generic Model families in the Mechanical discipline view. Okay, so now we change allllll our custom families to Mechanical Equipment from Generic Models to get the filter to apply. We adjust our filters to remove the Generic Model category and add the Mechanical Equipment category only to find out the ability to apply cut lines and fills is now grayed out again. This one is easy though, we just go back in and select Generic Models as a category to filter and now we can finally apply our cut patterns.

Seriously Autodesk?

2011-12-11, 06:20 PM
Thanks a lot for sharing! However may I also suggest you write a follow-up post with concise point by point instructions to get this to work properly. I'll then add it to the summary post for tips & tricks. My understanding is that you have to not use generic model families and use the mechanical equipment category but add generic models to the filter (for some obscure reason), correct?

2011-12-13, 11:53 PM
That's correct! I'll edit the post or repost once I get a chance.

We are also messing around with using Coordination views with a "Background" filter instead that halftones everything like a Mechanical view would. No issues yet and it works with both generic models and mechanical equipment.