View Full Version : 2012 CAD for MAC keeps creating read only drawings.

2012-05-10, 07:49 PM
Hope someone can help with this here is the scenario:

User 1 comes in opens file X and does some work, saves and closes out.
User 2 comes in, opens up file X and gets a "this file is read only" message. User 2 does work and must do a "save as" to save any changes made to file X. User 1 opens the drawing again and now receives the "this file is read only" message. Every user including the original user receives the "this file is read only" message and must use save as to save any changes. It's a work around, but its not ideal.

This is persistent across multiple users, multiple files, and multiple offices all on CAD for MAC.

Any thoughts?

2012-05-10, 08:19 PM
A couple of possibilities come to mind-- one would be that .dwl files are being created, but not deleted when the drawing gets closed. Another would be that the server that the files are stored on is not shaking hands nicely with the apple workstation, and keeping a lock on the file.