View Full Version : Revit Master series intergration

2012-05-22, 07:50 AM
Hello, I have given a model that was created in Master Series and exported to Revit Structures 2012, When I look at the model in elevation there are 5 levels shown but looking at the properties and plan views there is only one plan view. I think this is because in the Master series export it may have treated the levels other than Datum as a copy of the Datum. Is there a way to produce plan views from the existing levels other than deleting them and replacing them with associated levels. I am new to Revit and the forum.

Many thanks in advance

2012-05-22, 11:46 AM
If you go to the view tab on the Ribbon, Select Plan Views and Floor Plans. This will open a dialog with a list of the levels that do not have plans associated with them. Just select to add.
Note Level markers in elevation are blue if views are associated with them, or black if no views.



2012-05-23, 07:12 AM
Thank you Paul, it is always the simple things in life that catch you out.