View Full Version : BD34-3L: Schedules - A Hands-on Approach

Autodesk University
2012-11-24, 07:38 PM
Instructor: Kelly Meyer

Class Description: The intent of this lab is to give an overview of the process for using schedules in Autodesk Architectural Desktop. The first half of this lab will focus on adding schedule data to your AEC and AutoCAD objects. We will use the property sets included with Autodesk Architectural Desktop and create one of our own. The second half of this lab will include adding schedule tables to the drawing that read and display the attached schedule data. Again, we will use the schedule table styles provided with Autodesk Architectural Desktop and also create one of our own. ~|~ During this hands-on discussion we will add schedule data to doors, windows and furniture and then view some of that information in attached schedule tags. We will discover how schedule data is made and the two ways it can be attached. We will create new schedule data to make a new Furniture schedule table. ~|~ Note:We will be using a drawing called ADT Schedules.dwg. Keep this drawing open for the duration of this lab. It is the only drawing we will be using. Please remember to save after every lesson.