View Full Version : DM21-1: Planning Your Document Management Strategy

Autodesk University
2012-11-24, 07:38 PM
Instructor: Robert Green

Class Description: This session demonstrates how to lay all the groundwork required for a successful electronic document management (EDM) implementation. The emphasis will be placed on identifying your company's key needs and feature requirements, then matching commonly available system types to those needs. Contrasts between conventional software products and Internet-based products will be drawn both from feature and cost standpoints. After needs and features are discussed, a detailed example of computing payback (Return on Investment) for the system will be conducted to illustrate how EDM can pay for itself if it is implemented on your system properly. To conclude the session, planning for training and implementation timeframes will be discussed and a final list of do's and don'ts for your EDM system will be presented. If you are planning for EDM, or even think you may have to, don't miss this session.