View Full Version : 2013 Will we actually get to see a Training Manual for CADmep in 2013, now that Autodesk owns the place?

2012-12-28, 04:41 PM
It would be nice to see a training manual for this software since we paid dearly for it. Anyone else agree? Yeah sure I can go to the xtracad site and get some training docs, but isn't it a little outdated? And do I really have to read about Duct work to figure out how to run Piping? If I am spending the money, I should get a coherent Manual that is at least better than the video game you bought your kid for Christmas.
The task of training new employees, or explaining to the boss something about why you can't get that Designline feature to snap out a drawing in 10 minutes would be mo better with accurate and coherent Training Documentation suited to the respective tradesman. Do it. Don't wait for some old Pipefitter to get on a Forum and rant about it while he waits for TSI to call me back because my system is shut down!
(I said please)

Ok......I'll pay for it if your not going to give me one when I spend um-ting thousand dollars of my Bosses money!!

Thanks for reading.
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Wasn't it just what you wanted to say?

Daniel L. Leal
SCG Mechanical
CAD/BIM Manager
Irving, Texas

2013-01-14, 06:16 PM
Amazing this is exactly how I feel. Except I am working with FABmep. But FAB is even worse than CAD because even the help menu is for CAD too...

Moreover the help menu is impossible to navigate. I find new things everyday and have no idea how to find them again the next day.

2013-02-04, 03:45 PM
Daniel, I agree, the documentation is very rough. Even documentation I recently received from Autodesk still has the MAP logo on it. Hopefully we see some better stuff coming out.

2013-04-09, 03:08 PM
The help file that is on the DVD is a big upgrade from what there has been available.

2013-06-26, 07:53 PM
The help file that is on the DVD is a big upgrade from what there has been available.

Which folder do you see that in? I have 2014 downloaded but cant see any help files.

Funnily I found a folder en-US/Docs/ which has 3 Readme files, a chm, pdf and htm... the chm is for AutoCAD 2009, the htm is Design Review 2011 and the pdf is for 3ds Max dated December 2009..... I am at a loss to what that's all about...

EDIT - found it, C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Fabrication 2014\CADmep\en-US\CADmep.chm The 1st thing I notice is it mentions the capability to import from other software for example, ABS... so they haven't updated that page since 2007

duncan castle
2013-07-02, 08:34 AM
Sir Daniel,

I do had complete CD of Revit MEP 2013 Video tutorials,
i am willing to impart the copy if you will consider me as part
of your work group.

I am currently holding the position of a pump design Engineer here in dubai
and wishing to Migrate to Construction field to fully utilized my skills
as a registered mechanical engineer of the Philippines.

Best regards

2015-01-16, 05:27 PM
I know this thread is old but this book just came out a few month ago.


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