View Full Version : CP12-2: Automated CAD Standards

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:13 AM
Instructor: Bill Fane

Class Description: Do you have trouble enforcing CAD standards? You don't need a published manual and a police force. Users are more likely to comply with standards if it is easier to comply than to deviate. Learn how most of your CAD standards can be built into your template drawings and menus. You will learn how to do simple menu customization so that instead of just having a Line command, you can have menu picks for Part Outline, Hidden Line, Center Line, and so on. Whenever users pick one, they will automatically be set to the correct layer. The new Custom User Interface functionality in AutoCAD 2006 makes it very easy to do this. We will also touch on the "old way" used in earlier releases, and on how the Standards Checker can assist in ensuring compliance.