View Full Version : GD15-3: The Ins and Outs of AutoCAD-Based Software

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:22 AM
Instructor: Byron Funnell

Class Description: Are you confused by all the different types of output files you can generate with AutoCAD-based software? Do you wonder when you might want to export a TIFF, DWF, BMP, or DXF file? Do you struggle to get your output to look just right? In the solid modelers, do you use DXF, STEP, IGES or something else? In this class, you'll learn the differences among these formats. You'll also see how to prepare your CAD files for use in other documents types, such as those generated by Photoshop, Word, Publisher, and others. We'll also address the topic of when to use the Export command instead of plotting to a file type. Is there a reason you shouldn't use OLE? How best to utilize those block attributes.