View Full Version : GD21-1L: Ten Steps to Make Sheets Happen!

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:22 AM
Instructors: Heidi Hewett and Shaan Hurley (Assistant); Volker Cocco (Assistant); Lee Ambrosius (Assistant)

Class Description: Learn how to apply AutoCAD 2006 sheet set functionality to your existing drawing projects. You will start with a typical AutoCAD drawing set and end with an intelligent sheet set. You will learn how to import your existing project drawings into the Sheet Set Manager so you can easily open, plot, eTransmit, and archive your drawing sheets. Then, you will create an intelligent plot stamp that is as flexible in appearance and location as any other text object. You will create custom sheet set fields and learn valuable tips and techniques for adding those fields to a title block. Finally, you will create intelligent callout and label blocks that enable you to automate the process of creating and maintaining references to view sheet data throughout the sheet set.