View Full Version : GD33-1L: CAD Standards Management: It Doesn't Have to Be So Hard!

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:29 AM
Instructors: David Piggott and Harold (Skip) Diercks (Assistant); Ellen Finkelstein (Assistant)

Class Description: Learn how to use AutoCAD software's built-in tools for CAD standards management. If you want your drawings to be professional, and impress your customers and clients, it's important to make your drawings consistent from job to job. Layers, text styles, and dimstyles are tools that can help you, but without proper management they can make your CAD life miserable. Learn how CAD standards tools and the Layer Translator can make bringing your drawings up to standards a breeze! We will also work with the Batch Standards Checker. This class will work best for those not currently using the Built-in Standards tools or for those people having difficulty making them work.