View Full Version : GD41-1L: Advanced Topics for Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD 2006

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:34 AM
Instructors: John Beltran and K.B. Lee (Assistant); Heinz Baumann (Assistant)

Class Description: This hands-on lab provides AutoCAD users who create, maintain, or use AutoCAD block libraries a complete introduction to the dynamic blocks technology introduced in AutoCAD 2006. Understand how dynamic blocks are an extension, and not a replacement, for blocks in earlier AutoCAD releases. Become familiar with the Block Authoring mode of AutoCAD 2006, and how to use it to create AutoCAD blocks with custom properties and grips that allow one block to be drawn many different ways. Learn how to create blocks that automatically generate part numbers, or have multiple views. Understand the power of dynamic blocks, how to incorporate them into your existing block libraries, and how your existing customizations can be enhanced to work with dynamic blocks. To take full advantage of this lab attendees should either have taken the "Hands-On Introduction to Dynamic Blocks in AutoCAD 2006" or should have some familiarity with dynamic blocks.