View Full Version : CV-33-4: Autodesk Civil 3D® Grading: It’s Not a Slippery Slope

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:42 AM
Instructors: David Garrigues, Avatech Solutions and Glen Albert, Autodesk

Class Description: Dig into Civil 3D feature lines and more with this follow up to last year's popular class, Amazing Grade, How Sweet the Ground. Join David Garrigues and Glen Albert (Autodesk's Mr. Feature Line) as they take you inside the mind of 3D grading. First, we will explore in-depth the ins and outs of the more than twenty new feature line tools. Once you know the tools, we'll explore some grading plans with clever options for getting the most out of your design. This fast-paced class will help you complete your very next design in Civil 3D.