View Full Version : CV34-2: Raster Data in the Subdivision/Site Design Process

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:52 AM
Instructor: Michael Carris - Carris Technology Solutions

Class Description: Raster data can provide additional information to your Civil 3D project. The data the may be essential to determining the existing conditions of a particular project. Not only can the images serve as backgrounds in your project drawing, they can also be used to analyze site conditions. Autodesk Raster Design offers a wide range of tools to analyze and manipulate raster data. Using Raster Design, you can insert a wide range of image formats from JPG, TIF, GeoTiFF, ECW, SID, and even multispectral imagery and DEM files. This class will cover a series of exercises in different scenarios to demonstrate the capabilities of using raster data in a civil engineering project.