View Full Version : CV32-3: Civil 3D®: Pre-Implementation Considerations

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:54 AM
Instructors: Mark Scacco - Engineered Efficiency, Inc.

Class Description: Considering Civil 3D? Then consider these aspects of a successful implementation: Does your hardware meet the required specifications? Will you use distributed or single license management? What about cascading licenses? Will you create Object and Label Styles in-house or outsource them? Do you know what types of Styles are needed? Who will have rights to modify templates and styles? How will projects be managed? Who will setup and configure Vault? Who will maintain users? How will you train your staff? Who will mentor your users? How do you select the correct pilot project? Who will lead the deployment team? Where do you go for help? This session is packed full of useful information, including the answers to these and many more questions about Civil 3D. Take this class before considering implementing Civil 3D.