View Full Version : BD23-5: Extreme Architecture - Design Complex Geometry with Autodesk Inventor®

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 04:54 AM
Instructor: Lisa Brady - Autodesk

Class Description: Does the world’s most popular 3D software for manufacturing and mechanical design have any application for the field of architecture? Join this class and you’ll see why the answer is a resounding “YES.” In this session, we’ll review Inventor, its features, and how it can benefit architects. We’ll demonstrate how tools such as Loft, Extrude, and Sweep are used to create complex building shapes for use in massing studies. We’ll also explore the interoperability of Inventor and Revit and show how to create a building shell and apply walls and roofs to the complex mass created in Inventor. You’ll also see how to use Inventor to create content (doors, windows, furniture, etc.) then bring those components into Revit Family to apply materials and add parameters for rendering and scheduling. We’ll complete the session with a discussion of best practices and a Q&A.