View Full Version : BD23-2: Making the Move from AutoCAD® to Autodesk® Architectural Desktop

Autodesk University
2013-04-17, 05:04 AM
Instructors: Amy Fietkau - Autodesk, Inc.

Class Description: Imagine this, you’re an expert skier, you know all the tricks from the Tornado Cross to the D Spin 900. But the world is changing and if you want to get down the hill faster, smarter and more efficiently you must learn to snowboard. So, you head out to the mountains and strap the thing to your feet. It does basically the same thing as a set of skis, but it doesn’t feel right to you. It’s bulky and restrictive in the moves you make. Do you head directly to the half pipe or the backcountry? Probably not, you’ll spend some time figuring out how to turn, switching feet and soon enough hopping a few small jumps. In time, the McTwist and the Inverted Aerial will be no big deal to you.

This class approaches moving from AutoCAD to Architectural Desktop in a similar manner. We will break the software down into chunks of functionality, from the most basic efficiency tools to the more advanced items that require detailed setup. Rather than jumping in and using all of the tools at once, it’s better to select functionality that is familiar and comfortable first. Once these items have become part of regular use on projects, then begin adding more tools and commands to your repertoire. Over time, you will master the software and speed though projects like a pro.