View Full Version : ED115-2: Understanding Learning Styles: How to become a More Effective Classroom Instructor

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 02:36 AM
Instructor: Hans M Hirschi

Class Description: Learning - what a basic concept, yet such an important one for all of us who teach. Learn the basics of how the human brain works and the what, when, and why of learning and forgetting. Why is it that we easily reach some students while others elude us? Do you treat all your students the same way? Or do you try to adjust your teaching methods to your students? How can you tell which student needs what? Do you think your students know what they want and how they learn most efficiently? We'll look at different learning styles and how you can use them to facilitate learning. We'll even include a test to show you how you learn and some examples of just how easily our minds are fooled! Apply these practices to your training and you'll have happy students wanting to come back for more. Please bring your own tips & tricks to share with your peers!