View Full Version : DV214-1L: Exterior Lighting with mental ray® and Autodesk® VIZ

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 02:43 AM
Instructors: Shane Griffith with Louis Marcoux and Michael Zeeveld

Class Description: You have spent all day in class learning what mental ray can do for you. Now join us for a hands-on experiment! In this lab, you’ll learn a basic exterior lighting technique using Autodesk VIZ, mental ray, Final Gather, a skylight, and a mental ray Area Spotlight. The goal is to light an exterior scene from scratch using only two lights. You’ll create realistic rendering examples and see firsthand the effects of the various settings mental ray has to offer. Learn the basics here first and once you’re acclimated to this technique, you’ll realize many things you can do to push the results even further.