View Full Version : DV304-3: Spline Based Modeling in Autodesk Viz

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 02:47 AM
Instructor: Charles Prettyman

Class Description: This session will demonstrate a modeling workflow and best practices for creating efficient models that can still be edited. This class will cover the process of going from an architect's 2D CAD drawing (including methods for incorporating typical design changes) to a 3D model created entirely in Autodesk VIZ, ready for materials and lighting. In the process, we'll see how to use a CAD drawing as a reference, and trace over it. We'll witness the incredible flexibility of splines -- especially once you realize how many options you have in the vertices alone. We’ll look at the spline sub-object level and see all the good things that can come from having more than one spline within a spline object. You aren’t limited to just an extruded object; you can modify an extruded spline in all sorts of ways.