View Full Version : CM205-2P: CAD Manager’s Handbook 2008, Part 2

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 03:13 AM
Instructor: Robert Green

Class Description: Continued from CAD Manager’s Notebook 2007: Part I. This session -- distilled from the presenter’s popular “CADalyst” column called “CAD Manager” and 16 years of CAD-management experience -- is designed to give the working CAD manager a more advanced skill set for tackling tougher problems. We’ll discuss matching management style with the needs of your company, strategy-based CAD management, managing CAD as an enabling tool, deemphasizing complexity, reemphasizing results, hiring the right people, budgeting for success, and making cost savings your number-one priority. Using cost savings as a guide, we’ll conclude the session with specific ideas for boosting user output, enacting a results-based CAD-management plan, and selling your ideas to senior management. If you manage CAD, you can’t afford to miss the career-enhancing concepts we’ll cover in this class.