View Full Version : AB310-5: Detailing in Revit Architecture

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 03:14 AM
Instructor: Paul F. Aubin

Class Description: Part of creating a successful building information model is knowing what to build into the model and what to apply as supplemental information or graphical embellishment. And when it comes to graphical embellishment, Revit Architecture offers a powerful suite of detailing tools. This session will explore the process of extracting views from your model and then detailing them within Revit Architecture. You’ll learn about model and drafting views, and gain an understanding of when to model, when to draft, and when to import graphics from other CAD programs. We’ll cover detail components, drafting elements, symbolic lines, text, annotation, and keynotes. If you still believe the myth that you can’t do construction documents in Revit Architecture, then join us in this myth busting session as we explore the complete detailing process in Revit Architecture.