View Full Version : AB500-2: Level and Project Management in AutoCAD Architecture

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 03:19 AM
Instructor: Paul F. Aubin

Class Description: The Drawing Management system in AutoCAD Architecture is the ultimate projectmanagement tool! Using this robust toolset, we can set up the levels of our building and quickly generate plans, elevations, and models as well as complete sets of documents. In this information-packed session, we'll explore Project Browser and Project Navigator and learn how to create and manage projects, as well as create them from templates. We will demystify terms like "construct" and "element." We'll also explore project property data, XREF clean up, and the new feature that uses Views to drive Sheet layers. This powerful refinement of an already mature drawing management system will give you even greater control over your process and final output. Once you have witnessed the power of the Drawing Management system, you will never go back to doing projects the old way again!