View Full Version : AB214-1P: Design Options and Phasing in Revit® Architecture

Autodesk University
2013-05-05, 03:22 AM
Instructor: Paul F Aubin

Class Description: Architectural projects often require alternate design proposals for either a client presentation or for value engineering. The Revit Architecture Design Options feature gives you a flexible way to create, manage, and present your design proposals. In this session, we’ll explore Option Sets and Options for presenting various proposals to your client, zoning board, or other stakeholder. Each option behaves independently from the others, fully managing both the graphics and the quantities reported on schedules. Because many projects include renovations and demolition of existing structures, we’ll also cover the Phasing tools in Revit. Using the built-in facilities of Revit, we can easily manage the class of the project through its phases. Used together or separately, the Design Options and Phasing tools give a level of control to Revit projects not found in other software.