View Full Version : GS214-2: Bridging the GIS and CAD Gap by Connecting Directly With FDO Providers

Autodesk University
2013-05-06, 01:13 AM
Instructor: Jason Hill

Class Description: Typically state and local government agencies, environmental engineering firms, as well as private utility companies consist of an engineering department responsible for capturing and creating infrastructure and cadastral data, as well as a GIS department in charge of maintaining and managing new and existing data. Your average engineer uses the precision of CAD as their preferred tool for designing and editing data whereas the GIS analyst will typically use GIS software from ESRI to analyze and present the data through maps. Both departments are working with the same data, but essentially using different tools with different formats creating a virtual gap in daily workflow and diminishing overall productivity throughout the entire organization. In this session, CAD users will learn how to improve existing workflow between departments by being able to natively access infrastructure and GIS data in ESRI SHP format and ArcSDE all from within MAP 3D 2008 using the new FDO technology. Access, analyze, and distribute data more effectively by the ability to read, edit, and write to various GIS formats natively all from your own CAD environment!