View Full Version : GS318-3L: Creating Commercial Web 2.0 Applications with Autodesk MapGuide® Studio and DM Solutions Group’s Fusion

Autodesk University
2013-05-06, 01:18 AM
Instructors: Paul Spencer with Geoff Zeiss and Nicole Jung

Class Description: This class is aimed at developers who are interested in the technical aspects of developing commercial software on a Web 2.0 open-source geospatial platform. The class is based on the nextgeneration web platform MapGuide Open Source and the web development tools in Autodesk MapGuide Studio and DM Solutions Group’s Fusion technology. The class will introduce development of commercial applications on an open-source platform, the technical enablers underlying Web 2.0 including AJAX, and creating dynamic Web 2.0 mapping applications. You’ll learn how to use the web development tool in Autodesk MapGuide Studio to develop and deploy web applications and DM Solutions Group’s Fusion application development framework to develop interactive web mapping applications.