View Full Version : MA305-4: Everything You Need to Know About Autodesk® Inventor™ Styles (and a Few Things You’d Rather Not Know)

Autodesk University
2013-05-06, 01:22 AM
Instructor: Andrew Faix

Class Description: This session will discuss how to use and manage Styles in Autodesk Inventor. The class covers everything from simple authoring and consumption of Styles, to setting up and sharing a Styles library, to exporting and importing Styles. It also speaks to the pros and cons of using the Style library, how to best leverage Styles (particularly layers) when publishing or exporting to DWG, and the future of Styles in Inventor. We’ll cover the management of Styles outside of Inventor using Pack and Go, Inventor Styles Manager, and the Style Management Wizard. Although Styles are used in the modeling environment (which we’ll discuss), this session will focus primarily on external Styles administration and developing a set of Styles into a drafting standard to be used in a drawing manager.